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Too many people have asked me whether I have visited all the countries in the world and where I would go next. Some think I visit a country in order to add it to my list while many consider me an adventurous traveller. It’s time to reflect and trace my footprints and put the record straight.

My Footprints

I have completed a full cycle in my life i.e. 60 years and have visited 130 out of the193 Member States of the United Nations. I have also been to some places of note including the Antarctica, North Pole, Vatican, Kosovo and Taiwan.







Truth No 1: The number is meaningless, unimportant and irrelevant

My Motive

I am an easy-going and flexible backpacker and value efficiency, time management and value-for-money. I love nature and hiking, culture and history, wildlife and the people. Food, party, resort, beach, comfort and shopping are totally unimportant.

As a professional tourist and a world traveller, I have been to seven continents. Many tourists say they see Europe, Asia or South America in a month or can tick it off from their list. I hate rushing and never visit a country for the sake of adding it on my list. Though I have already spent over nine years in Europe, more than four years in the US, a year in Australia and have been to many parts of South America, Africa, India, Russia, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan several times, I still find them intriguing. I often return to the same countries to explore different parts of the country or the continent.

I am not as adventurous as my friends think. I love and can afford roaming without a fixed travel plan. I like to poke my head around to get a glimpse and taste of the place/country. I love street food and local markets as they give me a sense of the place and the way of life of the common people.

Truth No 2: Travel is an art, a way of life and a treasure hunt giving me lots of joy and inspirations.

My next destination

My main consideration is timing, my health condition and whether there is something worth seeing. If I remain fit, I would like to spend a few months travelling overland again in South America and Africa. It would be interesting to spend a winter in the Arctic/polar region. I am also looking at a two-month boat trip from New Zealand to the Antarctica before going north to Cape Verde.

Truth No 3: As an intrepid traveller, I wish to see at least 20 more countries and to embark on a few epic journeys before I die!

Sarah Wu, August 2014

3 Responses to Footprints

  1. yean

    Hi Sarah, we met at Malta and Gozo, at the same hotel. We went to Comino together. Keep in touch.
    We are considering coming over to HK to live

  2. Takao Konishi

    Thank you . I would like to see you.I had some phot and good time with Sarah. Today had good day.Nagao and Okubo Sido temple Yakuri.Have a nice trip! see you.(*^。^*)

  3. Miyo

    Hi,Sarah.Did you go back home safely?I did.And my busy days have started again.After moving to Yelloknife,I stayed there 2 more nights and coulld saw wonderful aurora that was more beautiful than I saw in Troutrock Lodge! It was so nice to see you.I am looking forward to seeing you soon.How did manage your cell phone lost in the island?

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