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About me

I am a wanderlust and have become a ‘professional tourist’ since mid September 2010 after leaving my job. My family and friends have always asked about my trips. I have therefore decided to set up a website for my travel.

Life is a great journey and I believe travel is a fantastic way to discover oneself and for new experience, self-development and -actualization. I am not a good writer nor a professional photographer but hope to share with you my passion for travel, observations and experience while I am on the road.

Travel for Life 
I must have the DNA of a nomad. I travelled in my mom’s womb in 1954 from Hong Kong, a British colony to Macau, a Portuguese colony where I was born. The move was necessitated by my family’s search for water. During that period, Hong Kong was suffering from severe water shortage and my poor mom had to queue on the street for hours for a few buckets of water. My mom and Alan, my elder brother moved to Macau to stay with my grandmother. My father was a seaman away from home most of the time. My family later moved back to Hong Kong settling in  Tai Po, New Territories. This’s the beginning of my nomad life: I have moved home over 20 times and have lived in seven cities in four continents.

 Travel has been part of my life and I have been to some 90 countries so far. My philosophy has been heavily influenced by the first few trips I made in the 1970s.The first trip outside Hong Kong was a two-week study trip sponsored by the Sing Tao Newspaper to the UK in 1975 for a group of 20 secondary students. The second one was a self-organised and -financed study tour to India, Nepal and Bangadesh with 11 graduates of the Department of Social Work from the University of Hong Kong in 1978. The third trip was to the UK on a one-year study course at Oxford in 1979. I also worked overseas for 11 years from 1987 to 2010 and have travelled extensively for my work.

In brief, travel has been an essential part of my life providing an invaluable source for knowledge, inspirations, new experience, self-development and actualization. For me, travel is for life. As I am not working now, I plan to spend most of my time on the road as a ‘professional tourist’.

Sarah WU, Hong Kong , June 2011

13 Responses to About me

  1. Laith Seher

    Hi Sarah
    How are you?
    I tried to add you many times but I think there was a problems with my yahoo. Anyway I am really sorry .
    I wish you are happy and fine .
    Try add me .
    ps. Amer send you his regards

    • Sarah

      Thanks for contacting me. I don’t use facebook and do not check my yahoo mail regularly.

  2. Nilly

    I n c r e d b l e

    • Sarah

      Great to meet you and thank you very much for your generosity. See you in Sarajevo!

  3. gerard bender

    we just met in a restaurant in Ohrid, Macedonia. thanks for the interesting exchange we had. i’ll try to give you feed back next week when I’ll be back in Luxemburg.
    hope to see You once in Luxemburg
    have a nice trip


  4. Pothiti

    I apologise cause i I forgot to mention that Asklepion that you intend to visit tomorrow is open only in the mornings (is better not to go after 14:00) and there is a 4€ entrance fee. Hope you will enjoy, Pothiti

  5. Alex Calistru

    Hi Sarah ! How are you and how is your trip ? Everything is fine ?
    Greetings from Suceava , Romania

  6. Corina

    Nice to see you through your travel journal. Would you also think of jotting a few lines on Tai O too? It’s such a timeless place, isn’t it? Cheers !

  7. janice

    I try to email photos to you but failed, massage said that mailbox unavailable.
    Your website is great and hope you enjoy your trip.

  8. Sofía Alvarez

    Hello im Sofía from Metapan, El Salvador, was a pleasure to meet you, I hope we sees it again, take care.

  9. Oswaldo

    Hey Sarah, I heard you went to my parents restaurants in El Salvador. Rigth now I´m in Taiwan studying my IMBA hope we can meet, I had your e-mail from them but it didn´t, hope we can get in touch and you can come back to El Salvador.
    Take Care.

  10. Peggy Dee

    Hello, Sarah. This is Peggy Dee, do you remember me? Long time no see. I found your marvelous website on Peter Cheng’s blog page. Now that we’ve reconnected again after all these years, I would very much like to stay in touch with you.

    All the Best,

  11. Chan Lai Kiu (Q)

    Though I cannot travel like you, I did enjoy very much your sharing. Actually some of the photos are very artistic and of professional quality. You should consider doing a show! Also, any chance I can turn some of them into paintings?

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